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The list approach to creating, managing and running cloud invoicing on lends itself readily to a DIY financial analyst. You may not have the time or opportunity to create account(s), learn our technology or utilize the sample jobs; but the power and flexibility of may be just the right application you need. In this case, you can call on us to be your workforce. We will create your jobs structures, debug the steps and deliver to you a working system.

Turnkey Billing Solutions

We offer turnkey services as well where we perform the entire cloud invoicing process. Since 2007, we have created cloud invoicing systems on PerpetualInvoice for clients including implementations where our staff performed all the steps required to create, manage and run invoice batches on a monthly basis.

What we need from you in order to create a bid for this work are the following:

  • A general idea of your invoicing needs such as your business type, frequency of billing, number of customers and any special needs.
  • Approximate number of customers or accounts to bill.
  • List of items including special pricing and quantity requirements

From this information we can estimate a price for the following deliverables:

  1. Cost of job creation, debug and demonstration.
  2. Cost of maintaining the lists.
  3. Cost of debugging/running the monthly batch, including pertinent reports.

Custom Billing Solutions

You can then decide how much and how long you want our staff involved. It can range from a short-term to create your working structure or a longer-term relationship where we stay involved in your invoicing activities. At all steps along the way, you are in full control of your proprietary data and most importantly, full control of your money. All assets, receivables and cash are always under your direct control; we do not handle the money. Our invoicing platform, QuickBooks Online, provides a merchant account for you to utilize to handle and distribute any cash, credit card and ACH payments that get routed to the bank of your choice.

Please call us at 209-810-3048 or email to start a dialogue about getting your invoicing needs satisfied on Another first step to take is to Register for the website, take a look and contact us.

Cloud Invoicing Articles

We write extensively about our cloud invoicing software at the company blog, CloudGreen Blog. We discuss our techniques and batch invoicing issues in general. You can sign up for the blog there.

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