Perpetual Invoice Features

PI.com provides unique invoicing features not available on QuickBooks Online.

  • Recurring Jobs

    Set up invoicing jobs with custom items, customer list, terms, tax, etc and schedule them to run periodically.

  • Custom Item Modeling

    Model any item using the pi.com model engine and force it to conform to QuickBooks Online quantity x price format.

  • Pre-Job Wizard

    Pre-job-run checklist ensuring that all pertinent batch parameters are correct. Tests customer list, items list, dates, etc.

  • Auto-Error Run

    Re-runs failed invoice records automatically and logs records that fail to run after n tries. Provides run-time alerting and manual override.

Perpetual Invoice Benefits

PI.com provides cost savings and productivity benefits not possible on QuickBooks Online.

  • Labor cost savings

    Batch invoicing always produces significant labor cost savings. And the more invoices you create monthly the greater the savings.

  • Reduced Data Errors

    Human data entry produces errors regardless of training, experience and data validation tools. Even the simplest error costs time and money.

  • Enhanced Staging

    The list management tools in PI.com allow the run manager to simulate and test the run at each stage of the job.

  • List Management

    You create and edit lists in PI.com. The software keeps track of changes and keeps revision history for each list type.

  • Increased Cash Flow

    Batching the invoices with email payment links is proven to increase cash flows. Link to Intuit or PI.com and make more money, faster.

  • Uniform Performance

    Utilizing a list-driven software like PI.com ensures consistent, error-free batch performance every time you invoice!


Register on the PI.com website to create your free account. Use our Help documentation to create "live" invoices in your QuickBooks Online account.

What You Will Need?

  • An account on PI.com.
  • An account on QuickBooks Online.

Batch invoicing automation takes some preparation and experience to get the maximum benefit of this technique. After acquiring this expertise your company will easily create hundreds or thousands of invoices with a minimum of effort, time and expense. Our website offers extensive training and tools in getting started with batching.

Getting Started Item Engine Job Types Multiple Companies

If you currently use spreadsheets to support your invoicing efforts you can re-use these with PI.com. Our mapping capability provides a flexible method of handling your deliverable items structures, conditions and limits. The Help system offers step-by-step instruction in adjusting PI.com to your data structure(s). In time you can evolve to our System Generated methods!

What We Deliver?

  • Inline quality control checking before batch.
  • Automated batch invoices at 70 per minute.
  • Automated email delivery of invoices.


We are here to help you and many times an email request or phone conversation conveys your questions and concerns quickly so we can get on the same wavelength.

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